What makes a good coach?

Being a coach is not a profession, it is a calling to create the right environment for learning and to challenge athletes in order to keep them motivated to develop new skills. Never take the responsability lightly as it requires a suite of different abilities and social skills from preparing training programs, recruiting, communicating effectively to monitoring and predicting performance. A good coach will always guide athletes throughtout the trials of sport and life.

Why do coaches need representation?

The science of coaching has changed tremendously over the past years. Methods we once learned by seem to be less effective nowadays. Each generation of athletes comes with its own personality and pack of characteristics. Team managers, sports directors, athletes have been raising the bar when making hiring decisions. Coaching is a highly visible profession, often exposed to harsh criticism and public pressure. Therefore, coaches had to readjust in order to promote themselves.

Between recruiting, planning practicing programs, monitoring performance and additional responsabilities, coaches hardly have the opportunity to buit the relationship necessary to take their career to the next level.

We value coaching and learning, but most of all we value people.

When coaches get stuck in transition or feel defeated with unfulfilled dreams, we provide a step-by-step program to assist the process of discovery and personal development exploration. In addition, we offer consultancy services, individually tailored programs, workshops, personal development seminars to support progress.