Filipe Carrasco Soares

Professional career

2016 – 2018 Assistant Coach/Strenght and Conditioning Coach/Scout in Viteos NUC Volleyball (LNA Frauen, Switzerland)
Co-trainer in Ladies in Black Aachen (1 Bundesliga Fraeuen, Deutchland) from January to April 2016
2015 – 2016 Strenght and conditioning coach for the U19 and Senior Women Volleyball National Team of Luxemburg September to December 2015
Strenght conditioning coach for U20 and Senior Men Volleyball National Teams of Luxemburg from September to December 2015
2014 – 2015 Strenght and conditioning coach/Assistant coach of TV Ingersoll Bühl (1 Bundesliga, Deutschland)
Head Coach of the 2 Herren Volleyball Team of TV Ingersoll Bühl season 2014-2015
2011 – 2013
Head Coach of the Senior Women’s Volleyball Team of CV Coria (National 1st Division) from September 2011 to March 2013
2010 – 2011 Head Coach of the Senior Women’s Volleyball Team of the A.D. Cáceres Licenciados Reunidos (Regional Division) from September 2010 to May 2011
Coach Women’s (under 14) Volleyball Team A.D. Cáceres Licenciados  Reunidos from September 2009 to May 2010
2008 – 2009 Coach of Junior Super League and under 16 male Volleyball Teams of A.D. Cáceres Licenciados Reunidos from January 2008 to May 2009
2006 – 2007 Head coach of the Senior Volleyball Team and Grupo Desportivo e Cultural da Cruz da Picada (National 2nd Division South)
2004 – 2006 Head Coach of Men’s Volleyball of the Student Association of the university of Évora

High Education Teaching

  • Volleyball Lecturer at the Instituto Superior de Ciëncias Educativas February 2014 to July 2014
  • Auxiliary Professor at the Escola Superior de Educaçäo de Torres Novas, Torres Novas, Portugal from October 2013 to February 2014 Lecturing Training Methodology, Motor Control and Learning, Evaluation and Training prescription
  • Auxiliary Professor at ISEIT-IPIAGET of Almada, Portugal
  • Lecturing volleyball (Human Motricity Degree (Bsc))
  • Training Methodology (Human Motricity Degree (Bsc)) or School Sport (Human Motricity Degree (Bsc))
  • Lecturing Physical Education Didactics 1 and 2 and Advance Topics of Sports Pedagogy 1 at the Master degree in Primary and Secondary Physical Education
  • Teacher of the Subject <<Systematic of Volleyball-collective sports>> Technologic course of Sports Training – Universidade de Évora – November 2008

Journal Publications

  • Batista, M. Honório, S. Martins, J. Massuça, L. Soares, F(2015). Obesidade Infantil e Estilos de Vida – Caracterizaçäo de crianças do 10 Ciclo do Concelho do Entroncamento – Portugal. Revista Brasileira de Obesidade, Nutriçäo e Emagrecimento Vol. 9, nr. 52, Sâo Paulo Brasil
  • Honório, S. Batista, M. Cardoso, J. Pedras, D. Soares, F (2015) Physiological Value in Fitwalking with Biomechanical Movement Analysis. International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health. Vol.4, issue 1, New Delhi, India
  • Honório, S. Batista, M. Martins, J. Brito, D. Soares, F (2014). Analysis of functional fitness in elderly by batteries of tests. La Pensée Journal, Vol.76, issue 8
  • Batista, M. Honário, S. Martins, J. Soares, F (2014). Prevalence and Prevention of child Obesity – Characterization of children of the 1st Cycle of Santarém District – Portugal.Journal of Advances in Physical education, Vol.1, nr.1, USA.
  • Soares, F. Honório, S. Batista, M. Martins, J.(2014). Practice of Physical Activity as a Psychological Enhancer Factor Variable and School Performance in students of 1st Cycle. Journal of Culture, Science and Sports, Vol. 9, nr.25 (sup). Murcia, Spain
  •  Soares, F. Honório, S. Batista, M. Martins, J.(2014). Definition of Scale Parameters for Training Zones in Fitwalking. Journal of Culture, Science and Sports, Vol. 9, nr.25 (sup). Murcia, Spain.
  • Soares, F. Honório, S. Batista, M. Martins, J.(2014). Pre-Competitive and Competitive Anxiety Levels in Hockey. Journal of Culture, Science and Sports, Vol. 9, nr.25 (sup). Murcia, Spain.
  • Carrasco F, Moreno Dominguez A, Gil A, Garcia-González L, Moreno Anroyo, M.P. ”Representation de Problemas en jugadores de voleibol, expecialistas en defensa, con distinto nivel de pericia deportatica” Motricidad. (2013) european Journal of Human Movement 31, 37-56.
  • Fernández-Echeverria C, Gil A, Garcia-González L. Carrasco F, Claver F, Del Villar, F. Employment timeout in Volleyball formative stages. (2013) J. Hum. Sport Exerc. Vol. 8, No. Proc3, pp.S591-S600

National Coach (Level 3) by the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation (Lic. 28.118)

Swiss Volley TA Level

International FIVB Coach Level 1

Degree of Physical Education and Sport at the University of Évora (Portugal)

PhD in Sports Performance at the Faculty of Sport Science, University of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain in the area of <<Strategies for Training and Optimization of Decisional Capacity High Competition Athletes>>with the thesis titled ”Cognitive Process Analysis of Volleyball Players in the Defensive. Action ” . Cum laude with European mention.

Diploma of Advance Studies (Master Equivalent) with title <<Procedural knowledge in Volleyball Players in 2nd line defense>>

Investigator in the research project ”Elaboration and application of instruments for the evaluation of the cognitive skills of the volleyball players in defense”. In the Sports Science Faculty of the Universidad de Extremadura and financed by the Catedra Real Madrid de la universidad Europea de Madrid.

Invented Investigator in the CI-ISCE (Investigation Centre of the Educative Science Superior Institute)



Complet name: Filipe Carrasco Soares
Date of birth: 16.09.1982
Place: Portugal (POR)
Nationality: Portuguese


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Spanish (Billingual)

Portuguese (Mother tongue)

French (International level B1)

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