Professional career

Since 2014: Head coach of Women VB team Pays d’Aix Venelles PAVVB (LAF)
2013: Assistant coach Hainaut Volley (LAF), 11th place in the regular season
2012: Assistant coach and statistician for the French Junior National Team, 12th place in the European Championship ranking
2008-2012: Monitoring the professional team Istres Ouest Provence Volleyball

Assistant coach with different responsibilities: monitoring physical preparation throughout the season (practices and games) and holding statistics references (analysis, video editing).

Volley-ball diploma : ER2, EF1 and BEES 1st degree and 2nd degree
During 2011/2012 season, Director of Training and Administrative Centre

  • 2011-2012: 7th place in the French league, 1/2 finals of French Cup and 1/16 finals of Challenge Cup
  • 2010-2011: 4th place in the French regular season, 1/2 finals of French Cup and 1/4 finals of CEV Cup
  • 2009-2010: 4th place in the French regular season, 1/4 finals of French Cup and 1/4 finals of Challenge Cup
  • 2008-2009: 5th place in the French regular season, 1/4 finals o French Cup and 1/8 finals of Challenge Cup

2008-2009: ER Training 1 in Istres with the Departmental Committee of the Bouches du Rhône (CD 13). Team coach of Junior team in Istres Ouest Provence Volleyball School


2009-2010: Prevention training and Civic Aid Level 1 in Istres with the French Red Cross (PSC 1)

2008-2009: STAPS Professional Licence in Management and Development of Sports Organisations and Tourism at Faculty of Luminy Sport Science (University of Marseille II)

2007-2008: Bachelor Degree in History at Faculty of Letters, University of Nancy II

2004-2005: Bachelor of Science with honours – Italian and European departments



Name: Félix André
Nationality: FRA





Félix André

Félix André & PAVVB