Cyril Ong

Professional career

2018-2020: Nantes (LAF) France
2011-2018 Béziers Volley
2010-2011: Women Seniors in DEF (9th) and 2nd place with Hope Team
2009-2010: Women Seniors in N1 (5th) and final round with Hopes Team (6th place)
2008-2009: Women in PRO F (14th place and retrogradation to N1)
2007-2008:  Women Seniors in N1 (2nd place and accession to PRO F league)
2006-2007: Women Seniors in N1 (5th) and 2nd place with the Hope Team
2005-2006: Women Seniors in N1 (play-off, 5th place) and final round qualification with Junior team (4th place)
2004-2005 Women Seniors in N1 (play-off, 9th place) and final round with Benjamins category (10th place)
2004-2011 Clamart Volley Club:


2011-2012: Women seniors League AF (3rd). Qualified for the CEV Cup
2011-2012: Coach of the year
2012-2013: Women seniors League AF (2nd). Qualified for the Champions League, 1/4 Finals of CEV Cup
2013-2014: Women seniors League AF (3rd). Champions League and CEV Cup participation
2013-2014: Coach of the Year
2014-2015: Women seniors League AF (5th). CEV Cup and Challenge Cup participation
2015-2016:Women seniors League AF (2nd),CEV Cup participation
2017-2018: Coach of the Year
2018-2019: Women seniors League AF (2nd)
2017 – 2018-2019: Finalist of French Cup


University Degree: Bachelor’s degree STAPS

Sports Degree: B.E.E.S. 2, E.F. 2 DEPVB (Professional Diploma Coach of Volleyball)



Complet name: Cyrille Vathanara Ong
Date of birth: 30.05.1972
Place: Bondy (FRA)
Nationality: FRA


2011-2013 voted Best Coach of the season by colleagues

2013-2014 voted Best Coach of the season by colleagues

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