Our Services

Great moments are born from great opportunities, and that is what we are offering you HERE.

Career management

FHC has experts in every field. We maintain a strong network through the development of relationships with sports clubs. We organise and coordinate the activities of sport business in order to achieve defined objectives.

Administrative Assistance

Moving to another country is often a difficult transition and requires multi-level adjustments. We are here to help coaches with the paper work such as registration as a coach, translation of all the necessary information and other requirements to start working as a coach. We support coaches every step during their career.

Contract Negotiations

Our management team uses extensive preparation, research, and planning to generate maximum compensation for our clients. We believe negotiation is not based solely on numbers set by previous teams and clubs. There is an intrinsic value to each individual coach that must be determined. FHC will intermediate meetings with suitable sport clubs for positions which will take your career to the next level.

Targeted formation

From the exercises you prescribe, to the feedback and body language you use, all can have a significant impact on how your athletes learn and subsequently perform. FHC offers professional training courses using a dedicated e-learning platform for your professional development.

Professional reconversion

FHC encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities. We offer advice on how to manage your transition from sport to the world of business. Topics: planning, time management, the importance of networking, how to prepare and succeed in an interview.

Mental preparation

Our team of specialists offer a suite of services – including individual counselling, team consultations, performance enhancement, mental game assessment, brain stimulation and cognition, sophrology, applied cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation, relaxation therapy

Medical consultancy

Through our strategic alliances in the medical field, each coach has access to the best medical professionals in their respective fields. From injury management to health maintenance, our medical professionals support the career longevity of coaching.

Legal counselling

Between negotiating the terms of contracts, data collecting, legal research, there is life and there is little time left to enjoy the actual things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Our goal is to point out the smartest solutions providing individually tailored programs and comprehensive attention, helping out clients enjoy the very best of life.

Retirement planning

Retirement is one of the most important life events many of us will ever experience. Our partners can propose personalized plans helping you analyze and choose investment options and make your comprehensive retirement program.

Media & PR services

We will guide you in utilising the media to enhance your own professional profile, connect with an international audience and choose most appropriate media opportunities existing beyond your competitive career.